Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What a day..

My days have been much better. I think I may have a handle on this school stuff. i think I am doing it and doing it well. hehehe

I had a teaching breakthrough today. My students totally surprised me. They did what I asked!! yippee! i was sooo soo soo pleased! Oh my god...I was glad for them but a bit more glad for myself. I feel accomplished. I think I taught them something. IT CAN HAPPEN!!

I think I fucked up my situated ethos. I will just say that. I had very odd experience today and I think it may have had to do with my writing. Oh well....such is life.

I know who i am and what I want..if I misrepresent myself then whoops.

In other news...

I think that I am using my opportunities to my fullest. I feel as if I can do something really good with my life. Yes, that sounds quite trite but I think so. It feels good. I just like that I have possibilities. In bleak times, I just see a light.

I know a lot of people don't be, I feel that it is their own doing.

My goal is to be happy with myself, my life and my accomplishments. I know I did not take took a little detour on my path but I think it has helped me become more appreciative of what I have now. I do not take my opportunities for granted. I am just happy I am where I am. I can be something. yay!

I work hard..I do. I want to get results and I think I have..this girl needs a rest.

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