Sunday, March 4, 2007

when others say i do, i say i don't

i may be in the minority here but i don't feel the need to subsribe to the patriarchal system of marriage. i feel it is archaic. granted the government and corporate america feel it is necessary to ensure that having family and getting married allows you tax credit, medical insurance, etc. soo, that means if i don't want to spawn or marry..i got get the extra benefits?? that sucks.

i love asking the question why do you want children and i get the answer, "becuase that's what you are supposed to do?" did i miss a memo here or something?? we have free will sooo we don't have to do anything. we dont' need to further the species we've fucked it up enough.

stop reproducing the long run we are better off. stop keep fucking peeps up one is better off married..most you all are divorced anyway..are you happier now or then??