Saturday, February 21, 2009

urban vibezzzzz

so shopping for extracurriculars that are effective is a task and a half. I haven't succeeded in purchasing one that feels good and does the deed in quite some time. Finding one does not seep into my thoughts but, when the mood and thought strikes and I am in the right vicinity of a store..i go.

This evening, i did such that.I feel that goign to buy this tool should be nothing to be embarrassed about and going with a friend makes it just hillarious.

This evening, the sales dude told us that there was a 1 yellow dotted item get 2 more yellow dotted ones for free! . I love a good sale!! I made out like bandit!!!!!

I purchased one that was boombox inspired. Let me has an LCD screen with graphics that look like a stereo's. its hillarious...and has many settings. the joys. ha! it is called: urban vibezzz..nuff said.

anyway...i got 2 other little numbers for free!!!!! weeeeee!!! Nothing special....but damn i got a good deal!!!

There has been no testing but when it happens I will write a full report.

i love a good sale.

Friday, February 20, 2009

what a week..

my life keeps getting stranger.

I have so many interesting thoughts as of late. I think...big emphasis on think!! i want to get my phd! I have a lot of work to do prior to doing this. i may take a year off and travel. who knows....i just want to do so many things.

i got an offer to go to rome for spring break but...that is just an awkward situation. whatever....

hmm......what else..

ahh yes...i will be officially published. I wrote a dirty poem on a dare and I think it was pretty darn good. I am rather proud of myself. It is rather inspiring. I always thought I sucked but...i guess I do not suck that bad. hehehehe

hmmm....what else? ahh week starts the craziness! oh dear! i am a bit nervous about starting the new web stuff.

i am soo sleepy!! so this will be incoherent. hmmm... oh yes..valentine's day came and went...oh alas. oh well..its not the end of the world. hehe

Monday, February 16, 2009

how sublime!

I had a balanced weekend. I am falling over!! I successfully completed stuff for school and.....did other thigns too!! holy bananas!!!!!

I am so happy! I did HW and still managed to have time to go out and work. This is rather odd. I still cannot believe it! yippee! i know this possibly is a fluke but let me relish in it. Also, i do not feel super exhausted like I usually do either! yay!! I am definetly feeling better. This cold really kicked by butt. It was my own fault for not taking it easy!

hmm...what else? oh i was googling phd programs..more thoughts are in my head.

we shall see.

Friday, February 13, 2009

what do i want?

I question myself far to much lately. I know I do like what I am doing and I stress far to much about it. i feel all this pressure, generated by me. Who am I trying to impress? Me.

I want to be happy/content. I want big things. i want to achieve things. I doubt myself but what if i do all these things and I am not happy? I think that is what scares me the most.

I want experience things I have never experienced before. i want to feel love. i want to be in love. I want to be satisfied with my scholastic achievements and professional ones. I want to do things. I am doing things but I cannot help but want to do more. i see others with complete lives or so I think and they seem happy. I want to know I am seem happy to people.

I thought of not smiling for a day but I know I could not do that. So, I think I am a lot happier than I think I am. I think I just need to realize it.

If I took a life inventory I think it would say I should be a housewife..seriously..i love baking, puppies, making people happy, cleaning, writing, creating things, fashion, color, art. Okay...maybe I was wrong...I do have other loves.

Dammit..I am blaming people who tell me stories of puppies..for this blog. It started this week and it has been on my mind ever since.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

hmmm...round 2

nothing really ever goes according to plan..which is fine because that is life. But, some day I would like things to work out. I honestly would like to it surprise me in such a matter that I could not help but be happy. And by it, I am not sure what it is.

i am trying to be a better person. I happier one, who does her best in everything but strives for more. We all have set backs and I am trying to learn from them. Last semester, I learned a lot about myself and what I am capable and I know I am repeating myself here so I will shut it.

I just hope.."it' all works out. I think the "it" is my life. hahaha Personal, professional and....mental. hahaha

As I sit here and read ancient philosophers and chew on stale a bagget, I hope I am doing what I can. I feel everyday I get old and that is a day wasted. I am older, maybe I am wiser. Who knows? All I can that I hope it works and I i hope that what i doing is right. I enjoy it...

hey i could be on celebrity sober life ain't that bad. hahahaha

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Let me say stresses me out and it makes me a needy beast. I am trying to be strong but..honestly..i know this sounds really dumb...but..i would just like to have a hello from someone...and i know..its nothing personal..but..i know it would help. It would keep me going and put a smile on my face. I know i think too much and when it leaves my mind it will show up in my ind box like it did almost a month ago. oh well....I will soldier on. its just being thought of is such a treat. :) can only hope and wish..that a little hello comes..if it doesn't..well doesn't.