Monday, February 17, 2014

This year is different....

For some reason, I feel that this year is different than the past several. I have more ambition to do things outside of work. I've been working out more, going on more adventures and have the desire to try new things.

The newest "thing" I want to try is poetry. Yes, I've written poetry before but April is National Poetry Month and a few friends of mine run a poetry review and have this very interesting month long poetry prompt. It sounds very challenging and fun. I want to do it but I am nervous about the commitment and my writing abilities. Needless to say, I am not much of a writer anymore. My job rarely involves writing and when it does, my writing gets edited into something horrible and unrecognizable. Case in point: I was asked to edit something last week and I think it came out dandy...and then as it was published, I noticed it was edited again to a paltry mess. Yay!!!

So, I question myself. Do I attempt this poetry prompt for the month of April knowing full well I may not be able to finish it and that my poems will not be very par?

I am very conflicted. Although, I do think it's very good that I am even thinking about this and I have until April to decide.

Do I get back into my craft? It may help me gain my confidence back. We shall see. I am toying with this idea.

I've written more in 2014 than I have in years...things are looking up.

Editors Note: I did not proof this the first time I published. See....I am no longer a writer.