Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I respect this chick...

So, the internet and gossip shows are  buzzing over this gal, Lolo Jones. She's 29, a 2-time Olympian (or soon-to-be) and holy crap on a cracker: a virgin. Oh the horror!! Oh, and she's single...double horror.

I have mixed feelings over her announcing she's a virgin right before the Olympics and via the internet and gossip mags. It's a great PR move since being religious and pious is the thing these days. Ahem...Tebow, anyone? But, what I find very interesting about her is that she is so vocal about her choices. She's not ashamed about her status. I like that. I find it a bit refreshing for a female to be so honest with herself and everyone else.

Sadly, she is considered abnormal by society but I do not. I find nothing wrong with her. She's made the choices she believes in and feels comfortable with. I respect her. I also empathize with her. It's hard to stand by beliefs and choices or even defend them. Even explaining situations is hard. She went at the issue head-on. Good on her!

What I find sad is that society, the media, etc make her sexual choices an issue. Who cares if she wants to wait until marriage, to find the right guy, or do it when she's ready??? I don't. Why should society? I am not in her relationship or her life. If she slept with a plethora of men and advertised it like she does her virginity, it would be an issue as well. Again..unless she's spreading STD's to the hunky peniled masses, then it's an issue but if she isn't...I couldn't care less.

Let her be. Being a female, albeit a single one, is hard enough. I should know.

Although....we all know she will and is having trouble getting dates and I think a little more so now, since it's really out there. That hurts. I am not sure I have enough faith in humanity to let this be easy for her. I wish it was.

Needless to say, she's a strong female and good role model (I hope she is..I mean if she's a crazy Christian that hates all things non-white..I will be sad and will eat my words.). Anyway, let's not focus on the virgin status of this Olympian focus on her winning hurdles this summer.

Maybe I can focus on my own status or let's be honest...I'll be focusing on the Olympics and running around...and pretending I am an athlete. Gotta faith in humanity ain't that great.

Monday, May 14, 2012

My lost art...

So, I rarely write anymore. It's almost as if I've forgotten how. I am also not really sure what my feelings are on this loss of a favorite pastime. I am not really sure what my feelings are about most things as of late.

Writing was supposed to be my livelihood. In some ways, it does come into play in my job. I write manuals. I write emails. I compose a killer tweet or a Facebook update. So, okay, fine I write. But, I do not write for "fun". 

I rarely exude passion about filling up a screen with well-crafted, handpicked, gorgeous, sensuous words, sentences and paragraphs. Small glimmers of excitement often leak out of me when someone persuades me into writing a short story or a couple of silly sentences...for amusement in an email. The words ooze slowly at first from my nimble fingers and then they pour on to the screen, quenching the longing thirst in my dehydrated brain.

I miss it. I miss the community of writing at times. I miss creating things that I find beautiful, silly or sad.  I miss the whole process of choosing the right word and formulating flowing sentences.

I miss a lot of things. I miss myself writing. At times I just miss myself or the person I was when I was writing so much or when I was around fellow writers or "creatives".

Have I lost that spark out of myself completely? I am not really sure and there is no one to tell me otherwise.

In other news....I saw a Salvador Dali painting this weekend..up close.  Art Viewing Win! I viewed it on accident, really. I didn't know of the special exhibit at RISD and I walked into it and much to my surprise, I got to see some gorgeous stuff and a few glorious installations.

So essentially I got to see Dali, Van Gogh, Warhol, Monet, Manet, Picasso, Cezanne, O'Keefe, Matisse, and the list goes on in this one tiny museum in my favorite city, in the smallest state.

See that passion still lies beneath.....I am not sure how to recover it.