Sunday, June 22, 2008

moving through life...

I continue to question....when will i be happy? I see people who are crappy people...and I am throwing out harsh language here me they are crappy...and they are seemingly happy. I want to believe that it will happen for me one day and i felt a glimpse of that happiness recently. It was very brief and I know i made more out of than I should have meant something to me and it still does. I have some faith..but who knows.

anyway..on to more important I think and hope that I will be doing full time grad school in the fall. BRING IT ON!!! I am beyond excited!!!! This is really what I want in my life. I want to complete my masters and move on in education. I want to teach and I want to pursue a doctoral degree. I think I have what it takes. I am starting to research topics for my thesis and I will not be cloistered into doing something I do not like. I want to be told what I have do my final thesis/portfolio on. Ugh! NO way!

I am also concluded that for a side project I want to write slogans for porn movies. I have recently been reading tag lines on magazines for them and they are horrible! I know I could do it better. I am not this porn fanatic but the names kill me. They are so funny. You just need to jazz up there descriptions and I think people may be more inclined to buy more porn. For the movie.. I make it rain...its description could say, "in this liquidy flick, bambi gushes w/ excitement" or something ridiculous. What i am getting at is...they aren't so creative and I know i could be! it'd be so funny. I wouldn't have to watch the movies..just make up funny sayings.

anyway...i am moving...through life...i hope things happen and the thing is.i can only hope....just hope.