Thursday, November 21, 2013

::tap, tap::: Is this thing on??

Well, it's been a spell since my last post. I really should go through and delete several past posts. But...ain't nobody got time for that. The posts represent me but a past why deny who I am.
Anyway, moving on...

I decided that I need to revamp this blog. I am writer, well I like to think that I am, but I do not write in my professional job. Well, I's more like editor and professional grammatical eye-roller. Fine, I write. To write more about the topics I actually enjoy,  I will transform this blog's content into something more along the lines of it's title. I am going to write about my adventures in baking, cooking, and life. We will see how far this path takes me. I may even include photos!! I may even tweet my posts!!!

I am excited about this overdone idea?? Yes and no. I know this blog idea is far from unique. I don't even have an audience.  I think as soon as I start becoming creative again...the process will get easier and easier.

For now, I need to think and develop some ideas to write about. It will be rocky but that's better than  nothing.