Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rant Fest 2010

I've been trying to keep my blog clean of rants or whiny crap for the past couple months because it does not really solve anything. In the end, I end up looking like a whiny, unhappy person but there have been a bunch of things lately that have been irking the HELL out of me.

The following rant discusses the my biggest annoyance.

Dudes you make no sense. I've had similar experiences with quite a few men over the past few years and what I will describe in the next few lines drives me batty.

So as I have discussed in the past, I've done some online dating..whatever..I am shy. Get over it.

Anywho...this experience seems to happen to me A LOT.

1. Guy messages me. I message back with a witty reply.
2. Instant requests by boy to add on facebook, twitter and Aim and the like.....
3. We chat more.
4. We meet.
5. Dude goes MIA.....(ie...deletes me off of facebook, blocks me on AIM, etc...this is just after the first date or meeting)
6. I get sad and try to contact but my new thing is I don't contact because I actually know this is going to happen because men are so predictable.

I have deducted that I am horrible to meet in person....or I say a few wrong things.

I think when I first started dating (which was eons later than normal people...I was pretty much terrified and finally pushed myself to actually meet people)...I was okay to meet but now I've fallen apart.

Yes, I agree I am a hot mess but I know bigger messes that can land a solid dude.

But really, are strange.

Honestly...I think I am more irked at the whole going "virtually" MIA thing. They are the ones who went all sorts of adding crazy. My response: REALLY?? YA DUMB?

Okay...I will stop ranting..I know this sounds terrible but it is just annoying.

A lot of things are annoying me as of late, I think it is because I have more time to think about them.

So I graduated..hence the time and here is what I am doing:

I am still applying for jobs like crazy.

I bought a bike. I like it very much.

Thinking more about getting a kitten.

Sleeping soundly.