Saturday, February 21, 2009

urban vibezzzzz

so shopping for extracurriculars that are effective is a task and a half. I haven't succeeded in purchasing one that feels good and does the deed in quite some time. Finding one does not seep into my thoughts but, when the mood and thought strikes and I am in the right vicinity of a store..i go.

This evening, i did such that.I feel that goign to buy this tool should be nothing to be embarrassed about and going with a friend makes it just hillarious.

This evening, the sales dude told us that there was a 1 yellow dotted item get 2 more yellow dotted ones for free! . I love a good sale!! I made out like bandit!!!!!

I purchased one that was boombox inspired. Let me has an LCD screen with graphics that look like a stereo's. its hillarious...and has many settings. the joys. ha! it is called: urban vibezzz..nuff said.

anyway...i got 2 other little numbers for free!!!!! weeeeee!!! Nothing special....but damn i got a good deal!!!

There has been no testing but when it happens I will write a full report.

i love a good sale.

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