Sunday, March 1, 2009

Urban Vibezzzzz--the review

Ever try to concentrate on something because you know you will need to use that information at a later date but just could not for some reason or another??

Yes? okay, good. Because, this is how I felt when I was testing out urban vibezz. It was just too much. There was too much going on.

First of all, I mentioned it lit up..well they were not kidding. The lights coordinate with the vibrating patterns. All i could think of was were the computer programs that Dj's use with the levels of base and tempo. Let me tell you, that wasn't a bad did help ( cute dj's) ;) was so funny and distracting!!! The lights and their little pretty coordinating display was pretty to look at but..goodness...too much stimulation.

Which, brings me to my next point, Urban vibezz gives its user like 5 settings and each brings its user a new delight or extreme. One just vibrates and you can increase its almost infinitum. It is a bit too much. Stuff does not need to be burned off ya know?? This is supposed to be a pleasurable experience. Then..the other 4 settings alternate in between pulsation or a scale pattern. Now, you are probably wondering..scale pattern...yes.. a scale patter. It vibrates going do ri me fa so...ya get it? its odd and makes you laugh soo you lose the moment.

If you like a lot of a range of ways. This is the extracurricular for you.. if not...get it anyway..its cheap and its funny.

Also...its detachable. you can easily wash and disinfect it. I did.. i soaped it up and dried it off prior too. you gotta be clean. hehehe

also if you date a dj or a can keep his attention. hehe

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