Saturday, March 28, 2009

The I don't wanna's are turning into the..

I am nots.

I really am dreading doing homework this weekend. That is rather unlike me. i think the class I am taking could be good but..guess what? its an uber fail. We need to do to more exciting things in class rather than having one woman disagree with everyone and be annoying and talk about her writing.

The texts are boring, yet helpful. I just don't want to read and write a stupid story that I care far to much about. And, there is a little birdy telling me..nicole you need to read will need to know this if you want to go on with your education...etc. etc.

Ugh!!! I had a financial debacle today. It is all resolved but i am very mad at my schools inability to mail things properly!

I also realized that I am in a good position for furthering my education money wise. I did something right working at H&M for so long. I will not be destitute.

Spring is in the air and I know I shouldn't be thinking about certain things but I cannot help it. The smell of the breeze, the sunshine..remind me of happier times. :( I was walking on air last year. Now, I think of that time and tears come to my eyes.

Such is life. I know everything works out for the best and things happen for a reason..yes all that feel good bullshit but, you learn things. I hope I did learn something and something better comes along..but it just still leaves me to wonder. I hate wondering.

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