Saturday, March 14, 2009

what is wrong...

i am in a funk. I don't know what's wrong. I didn't even really enjoy shopping today. I didn't want to try anything on. I didn't want to even look at my size.

I am just sad. I think I am disappointed in myself. I hate being this weak girl who cries and is emotional but I cannot help it. I want it all but am only succeeding partially, in school.

I see so many life failures and I do not like to fail. I just want to to give up. I am sick of failures. I have no personal life. I work all the time and when I do go out I worry that I am doing school work.

meh...i am sick of complaining. I am trying to change and then I get nothing..

I try to be a good nice person because I know that is the right thing to do....I thought good people were supposed to be rewarded. I should not complain, life could be a lot worse. I am thankful for the good things.

hopefully, this will blow over.

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