Saturday, March 21, 2009

Things I do not want..

I have been spewing out thoughts of the things I want in life but I haven't really said anything about what I do not want.

here we go:

1. I do want to be a PTL. (part time lecturer)..good! Many forebears of my Master's Degree find it conducive to do this as a profession. They make crap dollars and are just ornery. You receive little to no respect at my University and it's horrid.

2. I do not want to be one of "those" women. You know the kind..the ones who get married and have kids and everything stops and live off their husbands $$. They no longer work and muddle in baby poop and talk of linens all day. UMM HI NO! i didn't work this long and hard to give up on myself and I wouldn't my daughter (if I spawn) to do that.

3. I do no want to become complacent in my life. I always want to move forward and improve.

4. I do not want live here forever. I'd like to experience different parts of the world and settle somewhere that I find wonderful and unique.

5. I do not want to worry so much.

6. I do not want to get fat. Yes...sometimes we cannot help this but I want to remain healthy. I should say it that way. it out!

7. I do not want to be lonely forever. :(

8. If I do spawn, I do not want to be the Jon and Kate plus 8 mom. seriously! I fear that!!

9. I do not want to fall into a job I hate. I want to move on with my education. I think I have the chops..well at times I think I have the chops and I do enjoy teaching. Well, aside from my students who drive me batty. Teaching is just so amusing. I mean you get to view the strangest parts of life. You have students who don't care, care top much, etc. You just either have to laugh or you will go bananas.

10. I do not want to settle with my life.

I guess in actuality I have a lot of work to do in order for my do no want list to not happen.

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