Wednesday, March 25, 2009

fawning from afar...

I am an expert lover from afar. I started in high school and continue to love and pine till this day. I can fawn with the best of them. I know why I am so good at this..its because I have only loved from afar..well lusted but hey..let me call it what I want.

As of late, I have a new victim. Well, I am the victim and he is the culprit.

my my my...

this man is look at.

The things I know about him:
He is smart--a professor..oooh la la!
He likes to wear tight pants.
He likes vests.
He likes chucks.
He is very fashionable.
He has a lush head of gorgeous brunette locks.
He is svelte.
He smiles alot.
He speaks Italian fluently. (i heard him having a conversation and almost fainted)

what i do not know about him?
just about everything..i don't even know his name.

But I do know he gives me butterflies and makes me smile every time he strolls by.

He is my sunshine in my sometimes dreary day.

ho hum..what a dream.


Jenni B. said...

Vessssssssssssssssty is the sunshine of our lives.

katy said...

you two are adorable.

katy said...

and, i am a teensy bit jealous. i've not had a crush in... ages. i guess that's a good thing though. no one really does it for me the way my husbee does ^_^ i swoon over him sometimes. sometimes, i roll my eyes.

Nicole said...


but you have the ultimate crush so we should be jealous. you get to swoon over someone you actually get to touch. :)

katy said...

inappropriately, teehee.