Thursday, March 26, 2009


I discovered his name.. took 2 TA's and 2 GA's to find and figure it out. The power of brains...I thank those ladies they are beyond lovely. Now I can practice saying.Mrs...Nicole.....

I am kidding...its just enough to swoon as he strolls by. He brings a light fresh air of butterfly tummies and endorphins to the brain for smiles. I can go back to analyzing prose and being annoyed by syntax.

Now, I think I will be calling pot black here but I need to spout off about blogs for a second. I find well written blogs wonderful. I love learning about things and most of all, about people. I love the different styles of writing that different blogs have and the random topics. They are wonderful writing tools. With that said. any moron can have a blog. This kills me. People could say the same about me.

I philander faulty rhetoric and write sophomoric posts. Yes, I do. I will not deny that. But, I do put some time and thought into this. I find blogging cathartic. I am writer. I why wouldn't i write a blog?

So, with the aforementioned information and opinions, I now say this. ::ahem::: WRITING A BLOG DOES NOT MAKE YOU A WRITER NOR.....BIG NOR HERE.....WILL IT ALLOW YOU TO COMPOSE A BOOK, NOVEL, NOVELLA..ETC. It will give your practice writing, it will Just because you can talk about ya kids, or your life at ad infinitum does not make it quality writing.

Maybe it isn't blogs that annoy me, its nonwriters who think they can write and that it is easy. It is not. I work endless to improve my writing. It hurts my heart at how jealous I am of people who just spew out bountiful waltzing sentences filled with the most modified objects and adjectivals and succinct prepositional phrase. There are no weak words or phrases. They just bounce off the page and you marvel at there shear existence. I want to do that and I try. I rarely succeed. I tend to come up with amusing puns and metaphors but nothing earth shattering or profound.

So for you all of you people who think, 'I want to write a book" and occasionally post a 100 word post via ya myspace or livejournal or blog spot. Try composing something more lengthy and make it make sense and engage your reader.

Chances are you will give up...because its hard...aww poor thing.. .

::steps off soapbox::

I take what I do too seriously sometimes.

Rhetorically Yours,


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