Saturday, April 18, 2009

Things I am excited for.

1. The end of the work out and comm!
2. Teaching Tech Comm in the Fall!!
3. My master's portfolio--I am going to build one kick ass website over the summer..drupal templates anyone or serious CSS books from the library.
4. The summer..freedom
5. The fact that when I graduate I will attempt to find a cool job...because for some I decided I could.
6. The fact that I can write as a job..sweet melarky!
7. going to brown just for a class..that just makes me happy. It will satisfy a dream of mine. I will just feel that I am smart enough.
8. learning more. I think I may take that tech comm class in the fall. poops..or not. who knows.
9. that i will be okay. Next semester i will be antisocial but I will do what I must.

ooh and prospects.... meow!

1 comment:

Jenni B. said...

Tech Comm is going to be so much of a relief! They're all like little robots that do what you ask them to.

You can write as a job and have a cool job and keep taking classes wherever you want and be happy and okay and not stressed :)