Thursday, April 16, 2009

and..I am back..

so I made this blog private because I got a comment from someone I didn't know. Odd....but i guess that means other people are reading it. ha duh!

That is kind of what you I decided to change it.

I write some pretty strange stuff up yeah. oh wells.

I guess I may have to censor some stuff..
so, I guess I have to figure out what I want to be when I grow up and I do not know.

i have one word..despair.

i have a lot of options...i like being in school. I like English. I like debating colon usage. What do i do? can someone order me to do something? k thanks...

what do i really want to do with my life...umm...have puppies and snuggles...and read and write silly things and work out and write more and learn.

oh and i wouldn't mind being a research assistant for a brilliant hottie...just saying.. won't lie about that.

most in the woods with puppies..seems to be my only option right now. hehehehehe i kid. i just don't like big decisions.


Jenni B. said...

I order you to breed puppies and bunnies AND be <3's research assistant. Done.

Nicole said...

wow..i feel so much less stress right now. :)

that was easy. hehehe

ooh bunnies!!!

also i order you to not graduate....let's just say..i was about to rip heads off today.

Jenni B. said...

Great. I will inform <3 that I will be staying after all and sleeping under his desk.

Nicole said...

i didn't scroll down far enough and I thought it was gonna say..covers. hahaahahhaha oohps.