Friday, April 11, 2014


The prompt:
A univocalic text is one written with a single vowel. It is consequently a lipogram in all the other vowels. If he had been univocally minded, Hamlet might have exclaimed, “Be? Never be? Perplexed quest: seek the secret!” All words used must be sourced from your newspaper.

The process:

At first, I wanted to use 'e' and then I wanted to use 'i' and then I wanted to use 'a'. I finally stuck with A. I was a little ambitious and wanted to do 3 poems: one with a, one with e and one with i. I then realized....that wasn't a good idea. I am not prepared for that yet and plus...I would never be satisfied with all three of them. I decided I'd write 3 short stanzas and try to rhyme the last 2 lines..little couplets. I got creative with the punctuation at the end. Does this poem make sense? Hmmm..not entirely sure. I even stuck with the A section of the paper. Waa waaa!

The result:

I am not choos-E

Mass land blasts
A day grasps back
Data plays part
A man wants art 

Act as plan
Martha adapts that talk
Ads pay
Ran away

Half fatal 
And half mammal
Sad class play 

A ban: gay

Various articles throughout the A section of The Boston Globe. 11 April 2014. Print.


Elizabeth said...

I like the stanza form and rhymes!

Nicole said...

Thank you. It wasn't even deliberate until I was half done. I was like I guess this is how this is going to turn out. It was a challenge!