Tuesday, April 22, 2014


The prompt:
In Oulipian usage, antonymy means the replacement of a designated element by its opposite. Each word is replaced by its opposite, when one exists (black/white) or by an alternative suggesting antonymy (a/the, and/or, glass/wood).
Original: To be or not to be, that is the question.
Antonymy: To not be and to be: this was an answer.
Select a passage from your newspaper source text to complete this exercise.

The process:

I swear today will be the last day of Marathon inspired poems. Yesterday, I went to the Marathon. yay!!! I was at Mile #19. What a great day!
This was a bit tough. I chose a short passage and I kept thinking to myself..errr..what's the opposite of this. I took some creative license when it came to numbers and such. I hope I did the prompt justice. I even used part of the title of the article as my title.

The result:

The passage:
They clanged cowbells for hours, extended hands for high-fives, and waved posters for friends while hooting for strangers.  They packed 8 deep in Ashland, 12 deep Natick, and so tight in Back Bay it was impossible to count. 

Jeers emptied the water

I silenced ear rings
For seconds
Retracted feet for low-ones
Or flipped off newspapers
Nay, enemies 
While crying
For friends

I unpacked 16 shallow out of
24 shallow Southie
or so loose in Front Dessert
they were easy to abandon


Moskowitz, Eric. "For 26 miles, the cheers filled the air." The Boston Globe. 22 Apr 2014. A1-A12. Print.

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