Tuesday, April 8, 2014


The prompt:

Select a name from one of your newspaper articles, famous or not. Compose a poem using only words that can be made from the letters in that person’s name. For example, if you selected “John Travolta,” you may only use words that can be made from the letters A, J, H, L, N, O, R, T and V.
The use of web-based tools is highly encouraged to help uncover different words that can be made from your letters of choice. One tool you might consider is the Scrabble Word Finder.

The process:

I was given a gift of finding Britney Spears' name in my paper. Yay!! Due to time constraints, I cheated a bit. I need to leave for ballet in about 25 minutes. So, I took some help via the Scrabble Word Finder and used words from there and I found some in my paper. This is an ode to my girl. I hope it came out okay.

The result:

Britney Spears

Baby, Baby
Spans years
Sears in sin
Preens in a teensy tease

Entraps its prey
Reaps its pay

Earns a star,
Peers, stares, ayers (heirs)

Years past
Basses beat
Resent, tears
Stay near

I see Baby 
Prayers in
Earns praise

Sears in sin
Preens in a teensy tease

Source: Various articles from The Boston Globe, 8 Apr 2014. Sections A-B.


Margo said...

I think yours comes the closest to having the name and content fit each other. Great words for Britney.

katy said...

this is brilliant. pure. teen pregnancy. brilliance.

Nicole said...

Thank you both!! I tried to pay a little tribute to my girl.