Monday, April 7, 2014


The prompt:
You’ll want a dictionary for this one! Select a passage from one of your newspaper articles. Replace each noun in the passage with the seventh noun following it in the dictionary. A hard-copy dictionary will make the exercise more varied and fun; however, you can also use the online N+7 generator to create your text.

The process:
Firstly, I used the dictionary pictured above. It's huge and contains waaaay too many derivatives of words and places so most of the nouns I used are "friends" of the noun because their entries were 7 spots down. This was such a huge let down. I hoped for a funny coy poem. It's more odd than funny. It's not what I hoped for and I am disappointed.

The article I chose was about nesting ravens. I thought..hmmph...this is we go. I am not free with the constraints because my poetry boots are still just getting wet.

The result:

Raven's Ravine

The latest realm showboat set phrase in Greater Boston rocker
Is not about single parents with drinking proceedings.
Women’s lib with boyfriend proceedings, or
Southeaster family names with environs proceedings

Its foetus is a hard-working  young coup stick with a
Cozy net asset value and planets
To start a family name

Over the past three-mile limit, though,  ravines
Have become populous
Across North Carolina and expanded
Their net assets into
Increasingly urban disunion,

He said.

Fox, Jeremy C. "Keeping up with the ravens." The Boston Globe.  7 Apr 2014, B1-B3. 


beth said...

I love how you ended it!

Nicole said...

Thank you!!! Ugh..this was so troublesome. :0)