Saturday, April 12, 2014


The prompt:
Write a sonnet sourced from lines found in newspaper articles. You may choose your own sonnet type ( Examples here) and should feel free to be creative with the rules. One known Oulipo variation is “sonnets of variable length,” in which one must compose a sonnet in which the lines are either as short as possible or as long as possible.

The process:
Creativity. Making it your own. I wanted to build on the length of the lines as I went along. It started off okay but then...tapered off. I also decided early on that I wanted it to be a true about love. The other rules I sort of threw out the window but I did want it to have a rhyme scheme.

I pulled quotes, lines and words and just formed the poem. Also, the last line made me giggle. I am a 12 year old boy. I present to you Sonnet #12.

The result:

Sonnet  #12

I may
Love you
more each day
My love I give to few

I’m just so happy, even in my dreams
Keep calm, I am sensitive, my heartbleeds
Thing won’t be resolved by extremes
You and I both agreed

Come on, let’s get a grip
I believe we must be very strong
I consider the usual aids: slutty nurse –sex tip
Although, I may be very wrong

Post battle, we have a vision
Of a sexual collision


Various articles from The Boston Globe, 12 Apr 2014, Sections A-B, G Magazine. Print.

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