Friday, April 18, 2014


The prompt:
Choose a sentence or short passage from your newspaper to complete a homoconsonantism. In this form, the sequence of consonants in a source text is kept, while all its vowels are replaced. For example:
ORIGINAL: To be or not to be: that is the question.
CONSONANTS ONLY: T b r n t t b t t s t h q s t n
FINAL PRODUCT: As burnt tibia: it heats the aqueous tone.
The process:
I found this very telling yet endearing sentence and although it provided limited letters, I felt compelled to use. I like what it stood for. The article was a tribute to a fallen officer who worked in the Boston Police Department Gang Unit and passed away this week from what doctors "think" are complications from injuries he sustained during the Marathon Shoot Out last year.  The article is touching. 
My poem really doesn't not have anything to do with the articles subject matter and I think it came out cohesive, emphasis on I think.

For the title, I used half of the consonants from the title of the article. I am getting crafty. 
The result:

It heals none

Yeah, I vote
A blue new rookie
Not a hag
An age on tab
Tied, jail
Avid oath
Lived it.

The source text:

You have to be a lion to work in the gang unit. But DJ loved it. He loved it.

Cullen, Kevin. "The lion and the lamb." The Boston Globe. 18 Apr 2014. B1. Print.

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