Sunday, May 10, 2009

It Knocks you Down..


As of late, I have been rather down about my current personal life situation. I have had past experiences flash before my eyes, been way to analytical and so on.

I resorted to interwebs dating almost 2 years ago because..hey I am shy, I don't go out much and I figured I'd give it a shot.

OH....I've met some interesting dudes to say the least--baby adolf, tattoo dude, harvard, and I can go on. I was even swept off my feet. All ended in me feeling horrible about myself and a lot of tears.

Today took the fucking cake....and this was someone I didn't even meet. I got an email from this dude who've I've been emailing on and off for a few weeks and he told me he found someone in a rather rude way. But, let me give you some back story..he proclaimed to me that he was very skeptical of online dating and was down right harsh about it. So..when he informs me today that he met someone off of the interwebs (the site we use) and SPARKS FLEW..AND 36 HOURS LATER...he is off the market and we will never meet. Oh and his head is still spinning. (I paraphrase here get the picture)...MY REPSONSE WAS..huh??

way to go hypocrite. Anyway, I am glad I never met this jackass. I got the gist he was an ass from his jerky emails but I figured I'd give him a chance...nah!

I have noticed that a lot of initial online meetings that turn into relationships (NOT MINE) start with sex on the first couple dates. COOL! Ladies, really?? I mean yes the dude seems pleased but don't even know the dude... I just look at you all and say..don't you have more to offer than that? maybe not..who knows.. That just sounds like a wierd way to start a relationship.

Of course you are going to you do you know this about these relationships? Well, I've heard from the horses mouths..aka..stupidhead dudes. Either way, this really baffles me. I guess I am naive but I do know that some dudes somewhere value getting to know a lady like me. (I used dudes as in plural heheheh oops)

But on a positive note, I do not feel bad about myself. I am more amused and baffled.

Oh..and next post will be about the how awkward mother's day was. shoot me. Let's just brother is the worst host and I really do not want to be returning to his abode any time soon.

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