Monday, May 25, 2009


To take my mind off my own worst enemy (myself), I have been doing my hair. I have been curling my hair every time I go out and I feel better. I almost feel like my old self.

I have been rummaging through old photos of myself and I got a wee bit sad. Two years ago, I was trim, seemingly happy and had fun each and every week. I cannot dwell in the past and I cannot analyze things I have done only out of shear kindness and a good heart.

ah well...someone will want what I have to offer. I can only hope. I am talking like I may never see this human again..I may never but I also may. I hope I do..dangit..I would do a few things differently.

Another interesting saw the first person I ever talked to on okcupid today. I was driving in Providence and he was walking down the street with a lady. I was like..holy crap..thats that kid...he was a bit of a loser and a druggie. love i saw him..giggled and cest la vie. :)

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