Monday, May 18, 2009

I hope..

that this doesn't blow up in my face. I am being very cautious. I do not want it to blow up in my face.

I would be perfectly content to get to know the nice boy.

I just feel that the boy from long ago missed his chance. He went MIA and then now is back. I don't get it.

But something that has been on my mind lately, is that I am different type of girl. I see other ladies: younger, older, and my age and they seem to take relationships a bit differently than I do or want to. LIke...don't you want to get to know the person and then other things can come? I mean..why rush things?

I think the reason for this is I've never had the chance to get to know someone and have something develop. I'd just like to have a shot.

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Jenni B. said...

You deserve a shot. You deserve many shots :)