Sunday, June 14, 2009

number 12

This is starting to get comical and well depressing all at the same time.

Before I get into number 12. I am rereading this lovely book I started a few years back. Grammar Snobs are Great Big Meanies. It is surely wonderful. I am not a grammar snob. I know very many. But, as I read this lovely book, I found the grammar mistakes she was talking about. For some reason, I got some self satisfaction from all of this. The author knows her stuff but continually assures the reader that people just use their grammar skills to ridicule and hurt and they will get their own some day.

Now I have my own grammar pet peeves: Past tense refective or intransitive verbs ending in T. learnt instead of learned (learnt is the british version and reflexive past tense and rarely ever used in formal modern mediums of writing: business, techincal, creative...etc aside from text books and haughty grammar gods.) Spelt instead of spelled..again british and the like. I think I just don't like the T sound. I like the soft d. Dreamt instead of dreamed. Now, that is an iffy one. I rarely use it and most likely avoid it.

Moreover is another. It's synonym is however and half the time if you use however in its doesn't work. Moreover needs to be used selectively. I've read it too much and I just don't like it. Like how I hate contractions in formal writing. To me, they are an eye sore.

I love this book and sometimes I do not agree with her. Either way, I just feel more grammatically educated and I can share that with others. yay!!

Okay back to number 12. I am not going to say it was a let down. It wasn't. It just wasn't anything. He's not my type. Nice guy but..I need a bit more intellectual meat. He's very smart but not my type of smart. I like weird smart. I like..holy did you know that you are amazing smart.

I also like a bit more grown up. I may not be the most maturest lady. I love princess stuff and puppies but I know when to turn it on and off. I don't dress like a 15 year old daily. It's cute but at a point sometimes it needs to stop.

He also had mannerisms like my old boss which wierded me out. It was like the guy that looked like my mom's godson (his pictures lied). I was so freaked out.

Also, I wasn't overly excited and did not talked a bunch. That is now I know I like someone or am comfortable. I don't shut it. OH well...not for me.

unlucky 13? hahaha

I can't think about how really sad this is and how i know people who meet someone randomly and are instantly inseparable. I guess I just need a complete weirdo, like me and then vamoose. meh.. we shall see.


katy said...

i love the word "dreamt". and i used burnt instead of burned. i like what the t does to the vowel sounds in those two words in particular.

Nicole said...

hahahahaha maybe i have something against T. I am not sure. It hurts my ears.

To each our own. We cannot help what we love. <3

Jenni B. said...

I think I like the T sound over the D sound. I believe it's because I heard lovely British people use it so much when I studied abroad that it started sounding better to me.

N.I.C.O.L.E. said...

darn brits. so smart.

i thinks its because I think it sounds look at me I used a T instead of the "ed" who knows.

just like my hatred for contractions..most of them ending in T.

Oh my god...I hate the letter T. :(

eeks!! terrible