Friday, June 26, 2009

Mixing Emotions..

Stirring up WW3

As fourth of July approaches, my family has a yearly get together of sorts. Relatives and friends visit my parents house at the cape and have a grand ole time. I do not. I sit and talk to no one and go for walks. I do not have fun.

I informed my mother that I was not going. It did not go over well. I think she was offended. I do not really get along or have any thing in common with the people that come. I do even like some of them. Why should i go? i do not see the point in going.

I do not know what I am going to be doing over this long weekend. I'd much rather be home alone than bored with a bunch of people.

I am also obsessed with this guy. i want to have his cute funny smart babies! HE WENT TO BROWN! duh!


katy said...

i want that guy to be my sole black friend.

p.s. you can hide at my house on the weekend of the 4th. i'll be scooping ice cream all weekend.

Nicole said...

i want him to be more than a friend..wink wink. hehehe

he's adorable and fits into my streak of dating really smart ivy educated men. heheeh <3