Sunday, June 7, 2009


in my current state of mind..I need a some new hobbies that involve more than my head. i painted by number today and am going to try this carving thing tonight. I could scrapbook but I don't have any of the materials. I did but that is another story.

so odd thing..I emailed dude...that one I was semi-obsessing over..and he emailed me back. I am shocked.

i will be working a ton this summer..thank god. i need something to keep my head straight.

i also need to get reading. i have been so lax.

maybe i will do crosswords puzzles. I really should exercise but i realized today me and the heat don't go well together. I felt horrible after being in the sun for a an hour today. meh.

i need some figurative sunshine in my life. i don't even want to write.

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