Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My own comical FML moment.

So I finally had a FML moment.

Today, as I was searching desperately for a white bra to wear under a sheer shirt. I suddenly realized that all of my "used/broken" adult toys (i think 5 in all) that needed to be thrown out were missing. I remembered I had left a black nondescript bag out in my house with all the used ones. I needed to move them to a different secret location. I started to search all secret locations. Nada...

Now...I can only come to one conclusion. I do not remember doing anything with this bag. I do remember it being in my house last week. My dad comes into my house to collect the trash.(I live in a separate location but on the same grounds...i live above the garage) My father is trash obsessed. Even if I put my own trash out he'd go through it etc.

So...my conclusion: My father saw nondescript black bag and took it. I have no idea when this occurred. Last week..this week..who knows..I have one more secret location to look in but I do not think it will reveal anything.

I am hoping that my dad did not look in said bag.



beth said...

Nicole.... that is cringefully hilarious.... deserving of a made up word. thank you

Nicole said...

hell yeah.... hehehe

Jenni B. said...

Haha where was your bag?

Also, word verfication = "precun" which sounds like, well.