Monday, August 24, 2009

For some reason....

I am at peace.

I know I am loved. I finally discovered this, this summer. With all the ups and downs and scary situations...I still have my core people around me, loving me no matter what.

I got to see all my old, favorite and wonderful friends this summer and I realized...they are my world and always will be. As I grow and changed and become the lady I want to be, they will always be there. They have been with me through my rides with work and grad school.

I am so lucky that they are in my life and at times I do not think I deserve them.

So, as I sit here and get weepy, my heart is very full. I see where I am going and I am excited. You all helped me accomplish this and I am eternally grateful. <3


Jenni B. said...


Also, I like that this post warranted different LOLcat pictures on here and on Facebook.

Nicole said...

ummm..of course...i couldn't input...the other one..but still so cute.