Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend sightings

It's cool when you a guy you dated and went MIA on you, on a date with another girl at your favorite restaurant. (it was the boy referred to as nice boy in previous blogs..the fucker) Funny thing, I was walking up behind him as they were eating outside and i noticed his foot attire and I said to myself...I could never date a guy who wore mandals seriously..and turns out it was him. wtf! oh well...just oh well.

On the same night, I saw Jeffree Star shopping. It was a bit much..if you don't know who he him and just take it all in.

Well...I have to say...I am somewhat content as of late. I enjoy my job, I enjoy my adventures (usually most are done alone) and I will be going back to school soon. I have a plan for the future. I know things rarely work out how you plan them because well that is life but I will try very hard for them to go smoothly.

I am excited to have a future. I want to live alone (dear god let me not have a roommate..I work to darn hard to save money for a place)..have a lovely decorated apartment..cook fun meals and entertain people, go out in a city (boston or whatever) and just experience fun things! I just want to have a life...a simple one is fine. I want to like my job..hopefully in writing... and just be me. I just want to achieve my goals and move forward.

I am trying not to be sad about things and looking at the bright side..I will get there I hope.

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