Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blogs on a Plane

First off, I must start by saying that "nice boy" aka as the fucker deleted me off of facebook. I was going to delete him but hey he beat me to the punch...whatever. Maybe he read this and didn't like the fact that I called him a fucker. Oh well, we didn't mesh. such is life. He really isn't a fucker..I was just using my words poorly and with a bit too much emotion. whoops.

Soooo, back to what I came here to write about. A few weeks ago, I wrote a few words on my flight to DC. Where do these lovely words reside? No idea.

***After some searching, I found them.*****

I am rethinking the direction this blog.

I started the blog as a peak into my life as my discourse with myself and the world: the tawdry, the timid, the terrific. It has slowly become my personal diary. I now see that it need direction, much like me. I'd rather not take on social issues but maybe my issues, socially: my struggles with the past, present and future, rather than a commentary on everyday life. I can construct letters to my world, of sorts.

The incomparable, John Donne, wrote in a letter to Henry Wotton (a very close pal), "Sir, more thatn kisses, letters mingle soules."

I cannot but shiver in delight when I read that. I take words seriously. They rest and unrest my mind. Mingling mildly around the, never suffices the neurons. Letters are what I live by. I study. I analyze. I construct. I try to choose wisely. I engulf myself into the realm of letters.

*********************************end of crazy plane writings

I think this is why I write. I love words. I love to use them..etc.

Now as I typed this, I realized that I never solved my blog problem. I still haven't focused my blog. I could keep it self absorbed and just talk about myself. What to do?

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