Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Feeling Free

My ventures into online dating have been well, tumultuous. I have all but quit but still speak with a few people.

But, today after much contemplation, I cut someone out of my life. I feel a bit bad but I caught them in a lie and realized, Nicole, you are better than this. I think this action was really a culmination of all of my experiences. It was a wake up call to my poor actions and judgment and very bad state of mind. It triggered something in me that said...end this now, it will help heal old wounds. So I did.

Most of my experiences have not been at all good. I never thought well of myself. I never thought I deserved it or them. I was just to lowly. But, now I do realize I deserve better. I am a nice, smart, funny gal. (I hate to sound like I am praising myself but whatever..)

All in all, I hope this brings me some peace.

It's funny, the ones I never meet, I seem to have to just cut out of my life. Oh well..I hope it all works out for the best!

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