Thursday, July 30, 2009

Leaving it all behind...

As time passes, I feel and hope I am getting better. I still am a nervous Nelly and small things stress me out.

I have left dating behind because well, I did not have much luck and I think I was more hurt than happy in most of the situations.

I think I know I have to leave a lot of things behind. I need to excommunicate myself from a few people. It is not like they are not good people, they may be but I just do not think they should be in my life. No hard feelings but....I just need to stop talking t make no sense. (that is what I should say to them) I do not see them so it helps. Live your life, I will live mine. see ya lata.

I also find it funny that I want some people out of my life and wish some where back in.

I guess that is life. You never get can everything you want.

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