Sunday, July 19, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Emoted MovieI d

I decided to keep my mouth shut about the new Harry Potter so I could mull it over. I mulled and I mulled and I mulled. I still feel the same way. I did not enjoy that much.

It lacked the Harry Potter-ness that I have come to expect from the movies and the books. It did not have the emotion, the strain, the suspense. This book was the pivotal book in the series. There was torment, stress, love, betrayal, etc.

All I really saw was teenage love and a small bit of tension. hello people..DUMBLEDORE DIES!!!!! Snape unforgivable curses him!!!

We didn't see Snape flashbacks, we didn't see angry/mad harry. We saw a harry who really wanted to get some like ron. We saw him inquisitive but not the determined angered soul in the books.

We also did not see the tormented Snape. The angry soul who loves Dumbledore and will do anything to aid him. Nah, didn't see that. We saw a lot of Draco..which was odd. He was the only sober and scared character. I liked that but..not a draco fan so...over it.

Meh... I could go on for days about this. I am disappointed. I enjoyed the teen love but it was too too much. It wasn't the Harry Potter of my books or my dreams. Sad.

They brushed off Dumbledore's death!!! Main character death1! there was more emotion when cedric diggory died!! I mean yes...robert pattenson is better looking that dumbledore but come on!!

Okay, I will stop chatting about this. I am angry all over gain. I will see this movie again just because. It makes me want to read the books over and make my own movie in my head. hmph...

Also, I am going to DC in 2 weeks. i am so excited. I need a brain break from this place.


Jenni B. said...

Ugh. This is my least favorite of the movies.

1. The book is long enough without adding shit that was not in the book. Cut stuff out, but don't make things up.

2. Don't make everyone sit through all the teen angst overkill (really, did they need to put Lavender in there so much?) only to make Dumbledore's death scene like one minute long. I wanted an epic battle!


The third movie is still my favorite, followed by the fifth.

N.I.C.O.L.E. said...

The fifth one is my favorite!!!! I LOVE THAT ONE!!!

I agree on both accounts!!!I DID NOT LIKE THE MAKE UP PART!!

wow i am mad!

katy said...

okay, so, as someone who did not read the books, this was actually my favorite of all the harry potter movies.

i thought all the teen romance stuff was really sweet and refreshing.

everyone knows dumbledore dies, la de da; i like snape better anyway.

blondie did some actual acting in this one, go draco!

and there wasn't so much hocus pocus that i couldn't just sit back and relax without memorizing spells as i watched just to keep up with the plot.

that's my take anyway, like i say, as someone not versed in the original texts.