Saturday, October 3, 2009

Judd Apatow: The Passive-Aggressive Misogynist

The hollywood darling, Judd Apatow really has a problem with the ladies. He doesn't like 'em. Oh, he may say he does but just watch his movies and you will see, that he surely does not. It takes a keen eye to notice it but with this helpful guide, your eyes will open to his deplorable world of lady hatin'.

His sophmoric humor fuels his subpar plot and box office lines. We've heard the jokes a million times before but find it funnier when said in a crowded theater by a well paid chubby loner actor. HA HA HA He said pussy. HA HA HA He called her a bitch.

Chuckle fest aside. The dialogue Apatow's characters speak is foul and his plot lines leave women in the dust. His female characters turn bitchy, slutty or look unraveled and need to be saved by the loser hero. The same troupe of morons curse their way through the movie for cheap laughs and appear to win the girl and the respect of the cool kids. While the the ladies are stuck with the kids, the mess, and looking like a fool.

Take Knocked Up for instance, written by Apatow, never says the word abortion. They say take care of it. Really? You have the balls to show a fake vagina with a crowning baby but you can't talk about a woman's right to choose. Cool...

I can't even discuss Semi Pro because I couldn't sit through it. The scenes and the language made me want to puke. The rest of the films in his arsenal (Old School, SuperBad,Talledega Nights, etc.) portray women as sexual conquests and call them as such. Apatow doesn't bat an eyelash to the writing the words bitch, tapping that ass, etc.

Directors and writers can write whatever they want but what kills me about Apatow is how he and his clan are heralded in the mainstream media for creatively and comedy. He's not creative nor is he funny. What is worse is his wife and kids appear in most of his films.

Hey, Leslie Mann (Apatow's blushing bride), are you that dumb that you don't see the degrading language your husband is writing and the lack of depth characters you are playing? I am going to say yes, she is that dumb. She doesn't act in any other movies. The last film she starred in that I remember, that wasn't an Apatow film was George of the Jungle. Good movie. So she doesn't see that her characters perpetuate a stereotype and have no depth. They are a man's vision of everything they hate about women.

Her character in Knocked Up: A married, naggy mom of 2 who goes batshit crazy over anything. Aka. The vision of what many men feel their wives will become. You feel comfortable playing that Ms. Mann? Because, I sure wouldn't. You really want millions of men to laugh at you and say, that bitch was crazy? And, you want your kids to be in the movie too? Awesome...way to portray strong women in the media.

If I wanted to waste more space and thoughts on you Apatow, I would but right now, you need to leave my brain. I feel bad for your two girls. They won't grow up as strong ladies. They will fall into the stereotypes and be the women you put down and label in your movies. I hope you are okay with that.

For some reason, I think you had a lot of trouble with the ladies when you were young and that's fine. It happens to most people, but grow up and get secure with yourself. It is really evident that strong, smart women intimidate you and you'd much rather put them down than accept them as your equal. must have a teeny

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