Monday, October 12, 2009

It happened again..

I think I am the dumbest person I know. I am a glutton for punishment.

I was perusing a certain social site and a certain person's image popped up and I freaked out. I know in some sense I was hoping to see this image but in another sense I was hoping not too.

I want to stop feeling upset about it all. I really do. I feel so trapped, like I cannot move on or go forward because I have this stupid hopefulness about the whole thing. I know, I am naive and also brokenhearted. I have no past which leads to my bleak future.

Ugh..all of this makes me want to curl up into a ball and just cry.

I just have this urge to leave it all and run. I have nothing holding me here...I have no connections and if I did they are all but gone now.



Jenni B. said...

Come live with me, I am loneleeeee. We can cry together, haha. I almost started crying over my french fries in McDonald's this evening.

Nicole said...

seriously, i can't do this anymore. It's getting bad. I am also very lonely. :(

Nicole said...

p.s. i cried at harold and kumar.