Saturday, September 26, 2009

Stupid Decisions

So, I rejoined the Okcupid this past week. So far...not impressed. I don't expect anything out of it really. I think I was bored and said..why not? I really do not have time. I mean...I could but most of these dudes are not lighting my fire in anyway. I am just not..."feelin it." what else? Oh yes, my new computer. I am very excited about it. My old one that I love so much is on its last leg. I do not think it will make it through this year of T4 and Thesis and whatever else comes my way.

Hmm..also...I had a very interesting experience last night that I am all unto sure about. oh well.

I am writing and I actually like what I am producing. We see how long that lasts. waa waa.

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