Thursday, December 26, 2013

A few thoughts after Christmas....

For the past hour I've been attempting to write a post-holiday blog and I've come up with nothing. We now see why I haven't been writing in a long time.

I am itching to leave my parents house because I can only take so much of them and I miss my bed. I love the holidays but there is a nice collective sigh of relief when they are over. The pressure I've placed on myself to make perfect baked goods and food and buy perfect presents fades away and now I can enjoy time away from work and hopefully spend some time with friends. Heck even cleaning and organizing my house sounds like a party. (I think that may be because I want to move soon and I should start sorting things...)

With the holidays over, I would like to keep the spirit of giving and light-heartedness going and keep what's important in the forefront of my thoughts. Excel sheets and html are not the most important things in life....I do not want to get overly wrapped up in work. I can' is not worth it. I need to make changes and hopefully the end result will be positive.

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