Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Focus: Emails I should or need to write

So, I want to try to update this blog weekly with funny or poignant emails that I should have written throughout the week. For example, an email to the parking company that gave me a ticket or an email to a friend to tell them how I really feel about their actions because talking to them will only cause more drama and I know they don't read this one does..I looked at the stats.  We shall see how it goes because this blog is schizophrenic. It needs some direction.

Okay here we go!

Dear so and so,

I saw something that reminded me of you and I chuckled. Too bad you turned into such a cunt.



Yikes, that one was a bit harsh. I promise they won't all be this way. Mostly, they are meant to be funny. I am sure I need some of these emails written to me.

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