Monday, January 19, 2009


Whilst, I should be getting ready to go into school. I'd like to make a few statements about..the one, the only, Biggie Smalls, the movie.

why are people rioting over this movie?? um..don't we all know the end. Big Boo gets gunned Tupac (keep ya head up).

I know it is upsetting to relive this horrible hip hop tragedy but...come on. Stop shooting eachother! really!!

Lil' Kim did not like how she was portrayed..umm....girl...ya aint that classy. how are those nipple covers??

Also..the dude who plays puffy/diddy/puff daddy/p.diddy/sean combs/sean john really does not look like him. Why didn't diddy just play that role himself?? He was in Raisin in the Sun and some other cinematic gems? Do not get me wrong, I love me some diddy. He put together Dream and Danity Kane!!! (I miss dream..i was obsessed...i used to be able to do the dance moves from their he loves you not video..ok i still could. who am i kidding?) Anyway...get some better actors diddy!! You are a hip hop beacon with a businessy flare.

ok i said my peace.

how ya livin' biggie smalls?

one love...notoroius!!

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