Saturday, January 31, 2009

deconstructionist dressers and egalitarian elite (a recap)

when you mix a gay club, hipsters, pissed off lesbians, and house/electro music, my favorite get my night out last night.

I had a good was fun...amusing..fanciful...but one thing it wasn't was the same.

I smelled the same stench of body odor, beer and cheap perfume with a mix of something that I could never put my finger one. That made me feel good but...something else had changed.

what didn't change? The usual's were there...happy and funfilled. That made me happy. Seeing a many familiar faces makes you realize some things never change and there will always be a special place you will have.

I knew exactly what did was the plethora of underage kids dressed in whatever they thought was cool for this night and boppin' to tunes they don't know. I could tell it was these kids first night out. I swear their mom dropped them off and went over to the Strand and bumped lines of coke for two hours and then came back over to pick them up.

That killed me.

The other thing that killed me was....the fashion...

I consider myself a fashion forward person. I try a lot of things and most of the work and if they don't..whatever.. i thought i looked hot.

But last night took the fucking cake. I have seen gay men take of their pants and booty-ramshackle it up, i've seen girls in tiny shorts and tiny tops...but whoaaaa nelly...get outta town...i saw some fucked up shit last night.

1. A pudge/chubby gal...she was cute...but..her outfit..was not...ahem..get ready folks:

sparkly lavender stretchy pants..that were not leggings..but..pants..they apparently had a zipper. They looked a lot like leggings...painted on and what not. Then she had on what looked like grannies knitted slipper shoes...that were green and brown..good color scheme. Then her top..oh her top..her top, her top, her top. her top.... was a black mesh top. Now, the black mesh holes were large..not small. Was she wearing a bra? No. Was she wearing a shirt under it? no.

what was she wearing?? well..tape. yes..tape. black electrical tape to be exact elegantly decorating her large breasts in a nice X pattern. Nice touch, right? did i mention she kept making her "shirt" a half shirt/belly shirt? No I didn't. was hot.

Good god. I thought I was fashionably unschockable..nope.....

ooh and her freind was wearing some sort of hot pink diaper w/ hot pink leggings. Good thing I rethought outfit choice..I have hot pink leggings..but I do not have a diaper as an outfit selection.

oh and did i mention..the fire alarm..that was amusing...

it was a good night period. I saw what I wanted to see and smiled. I busted some moves. ahhhh.....i miss it...i fucking miss it. :)

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