Tuesday, August 12, 2008

things that make me sad..an awesome blog.

In hopes of trying to flush out bad thoughts I have decided to make a list of things that freak me out or make me a little sad and some that are just hillarious.

1. the fact the usher's joint, love in dis club...didn't blow up!!!!
2. my momma being sick...it scares me. :( strokes even small ones..are scary.
3. school...im legit terrified of failing.
4. the shots i have to get for school.
5. my impending invasive dr.'s appt in a few weeks. :(
6. this pickle that i may have gotten myself into.
7. grass on my feet
8. petchuli
9. weeds...well they make me ripshit..not weed..just weeds..the garden pest
10. women w/ dreadlocks and hair armpits..really...really...you are a rastafarian? cool.
11. my feet....yes....my own tootsties...i wear flats daily...nuff said.

there are more but i think i need to write another blog.

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