Tuesday, August 12, 2008


i must confess that i love the new layout of my bloggy. hehehe

i may or may not have gotten myself into a pickle and one that i can easily get myself out of but i am not sure if i can. i am scared.

anyway, i am almost through with work but I am giving them 2 more days..the fuckers...but i did screw them over on the weekend. yay! hehehehehe

OOH I FOUND OUT SOME INSANE NEWS!!!!! my truck driver writes erotic novels...i was beyond pumped!!!! I want to see where he gets published and what not. i also would like to read some of them. Bring on the funnies!! heheheh

also..jenna jameson has a new movie coming out...do i want to see it?? not really sure...i read her book. it was intriuging..i learned some shit. .

oye..really... i am so scared for school. :(

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