Friday, August 15, 2008

dear abercrombie and victoria's secret,

i hate you. trick people into thinking you have well made products. This is far from the truth. Abercrombie, I will give it to you, your jeans are glorious but honestly...why are they $80. I mean, I hate to be narcissistic and all but my ass look amazing in them. Aside from that..your stuff is overpriced and pretty plain and ugly..victoria's..ugh.. just ugh.. I love how you fool many females into thinking that you will embody femininity if you where their garments. That could be the furthest from the truth. Your underwear is supposed to be uber sexy and what not but just doesn't fit right and really isn't that sexy...ass cheeks hanging out and constant wedgies...blechs.

I will now get off my store rant and move on to other things. I am very stressed. Today..I got shots for school and it turned into a catastrophe. It was awful. I almost passed out. I had a mini anxiety attack. yuck.

I am in this stressed out emotional mood and I want it to go away. Is there something such as wanting something too much?? I honestly think there is. This pickle is now just getting worse and worse.

What else do i have to say? Well, another friday home. oh the joys. I wish I had more gumption.

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