Sunday, April 11, 2010

Today in Rape Culture: Dancing at the Club

Okay, so I am "borrowing" part of this title from a few feminist blogs but I just need to share this.

I do not go out often but every time I do I am astounded. What ever happened to asking a girl dance? No? All I see or experience is the random firm on the hip and a penis being jostled into my ass or back. Umm...I DON'T KNOW YOU NOR DO I WANT YOUR GENITALIA NEAR OR ON ME! Thank you. Who or what gave you that right?

I really do not think men understand how creepy and alarming it is when they do that. How would you like it if a random cannot see came up behind you, grabbed you, and started rubbing their junk all up on you? Fun? I didn't think so.

There are boundaries that are consistently crossed and I hate it. If I say not I do not want to dance with you, it means no. Do not sit on me (this happened to my friend) or continue to dance and grind on me. Stop! Respect my decision.

Also when I see a woman pretty much dry humping and dry fucking a dude up against a wall and other people are pictures of it that are pretty much being directly uploaded to the web, it disgusts me. People you've just violated that woman in more ways that one. Yes, it was her choice to get VERY inappropriate with this man but, she didn't agree to have it documented.

I had a dude ask me to dance last his crunk friend but I declined because of I early saw him partake in the picture taking and dry fucking of another lady. Yep, sorry...ya gross. Be a gentleman and maybe I will dance with you and if I dance deal don't rub ya hungry junk on me.


Get some..

That is all. :)

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