Tuesday, November 11, 2008

when you see your life..

lived by someone else.

I know this is stupid but while cruising the internet, I saw some woman, my age..living my desired life. And, it hurt. I don't know why. Well I do know why. It smacked my shortcomings in my face.

I do not desire to be her. No, not that at all. i want to be me, doing what she is doing and living the type of life she is.


in good news...this is going to sound creepy but.. one of my gray hairs feel out. I shed a lot and I found a long white hair and I know its mine. So, YIPPEE! one less white hair on my head!! I feel younger already. I felt like Dumbledore..no idea why.

I wish I constructed a more intellectual and brilliant blog but, this is all i got.

accepting your shortcomings....is moving on.

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