Saturday, May 23, 2015

F-: My grade as a blogger

Wow. I am terrible blogger. I used to diligently write posts several times a week in my heyday. Now...months slip by and I barely type a word.

Well, what's new??

I've been baking, job seeking, house seeking, recovering, vacation researching, balleting, running...ya know..livin' the dream...

Here are a few things I've made over the months. I haven't really made anything food allergies have taken a toll on my will to bake and cook. I bake muffins for myself because I can control the ingredients.

There is not excuse for this. It's chocolate cake...some sort of delightful oreo interior and strawberries. It was heaven.

Carrot cake muffins...mmmmmm...healthy with coconut oil and whole wheat flour
Pie for Pi Day. Banana Cream....

I hope things will improve on all fronts. It hasn't been an easy or joyful year by any means. Don't get me wrong, it's not horrific and it could be much, much worse. Believe me, I know I am fortunate on many fronts.

It's just hard to stay positive when you work so hard to do things and for others those things just come so easy or fall in to their laps or happen faster. Your road is never the straight and narrow. It's always winding, bumpy, filled with potholes and sometimes just stops for no apparent reason.  This isn't a pity party and I am not blaming anyone.

Anyway, we move onwards...

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