Monday, September 26, 2011

And..I'm back...

So, I think I shall give this another go. I am not going to use this blog as vessel to whine about my life and work and how awful it is or isn't. I am not sure what this blog will be at this point since I am on a test run. I might pick topics each week to write about and go from there. 

 The reason I am starting up again is sort of mixed. I've been told by two different people that I should start writing again because well..I don't write anymore. I barely write in my job and when I's far from creative. I recently found some creative pieces from grad school and I realized I had so much fun writing shall see where this goes. 

Will I open up again on here?? I am not sure. Will I write about my amusing adventures? Who knows. Although, I have been witness a lot of people brushing their teeth in public restrooms lately..sorta odd but anyway.. we (this blog and I) are a work in progress. We will navigate this little journey together and probably talk about puppies, make-up, boys, and fashion along the way.

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